Improve the quality of your everyday life
with motorized shades, blinds, and awnings.

Custom home automation with Sky Digital, Inc. includes the ultimate convenience and extravagance of advanced shading systems. Improve the quality of your everyday life with motorized shades, blinds, and awnings.

Integrating one-touch shade control into your custom home automation system will enhance the sustainability, safety, and style of your home.

Our tailored services include the integration of shade control through technology that can be accessed through touch pads, smart phones, or tablets.

Motorized shades, blinds, and awnings can be integrated into your custom home automation system to offer an unparalleled level of wellbeing and luxury, while increasing the security of your property.

Keep cool, and enjoy the beauty of a sunny day with the touch of a button. You can sit back and relax as you retract and expand exterior awnings or interior window coverings through your smart phone, touch pad, or tablet.

Achieve ultimate climate control and energy efficiency with automated blinds and shades. You can also lower that energy bill with the convenience of Sky Digital, Inc.’s automated shading systems.

Engraved Control4 Keypad

With our custom home automation systems, your home’s shading can be synced to fit your lifestyle, while adding peace of mind and unmatched comfort to your days.

iPad Thermostat

Control4 Thermostat

You never have to step out of your comfort zone with home automation that controls the climate of your home. Through Sky Digital, Inc.’s home automation systems, regulating the thermostat and temperature of your home has never been easier. Keep cool when you need to and cozy up when the weather calls for it with just a touch of a button. With automated thermostat control, homeowners can adjust climate settings with their favorite devices.

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